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In 2015, exploration of new areas of International Chemical Company S.A.  activity began, including organic fertilizers, biopreparations and CO2 sequestration technologies.

Based the experience of the Management Board in this field, research works were kick-started, focused on defining the concept of organic fertilizers, and the first experiments were carried out in an organized laboratory.

So far, two R&D projects have been successfully completed under the Regional Operational Programme - Lubuskie 2020, measure 1.1:

1.    The project “Research on an innovative formula of organic fertilizers”: in 2022 patent protection nr PL240190 for five variants of the AgriQultura organic fertilizer was obtained.

2.    The project "Development of technology for the production and application of innovative biopreparations promoting plant growth": the formulas of new, innovative, organic biopreparations supporting plant production, in the form of granules based on organic substrates (oat husk and molasses) with inoculated microorganisms (Streptomyces sp. actinobacteria, Pseudomonas fluorescens bacteria, Trichoderma sp. fungi) were obtained. In 2021 ICC applied for the European patent protection for AgriQultura Bio biopreparations.

The key capital of the company is its staff - their skills, many years’ experience and knowledge. The regular staff of International Chemical Company S.A. is supported by the great members of research community, including the Poznan University of Life Sciences and the Lubuski Centre for Innovation and Agricultural Implementation in Kalsk.

Currently, the Company is completing the last phase of the project "Establishing the Biochar Research Center" co-funded from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Programme Lubuskie 2020. The project goal is to establish the Biochar Research Center (the Biochar Institute) for researches on new biochar formulas for the sectors of  agriculture, energy, construction, cosmetics and environmental protection.

The planned launch of the Biochar Institute is August 2022.

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