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Move to Sustainable Future

The innovative on a global scale organic fertilizer AgriQultura, is based on biochar inoculated with carefully selected microorganisms (plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria PGPR). The innovation includes a method of delivering the granulate fertilizer to the soil.

The unique composition in granules form ensures an increase in soil water holding capacity, improvement of biological soil fertility, shows strong phytosanitary action, provides 100% organic active carbon. It improves plant resistance to stress factors e.g., drought, improves plant nutrition, as well as shows the highest CO2 sequestration capacity of the soil.

Better for Farmers, Better for the Planet

Science - Based Agriculture

European Green Deal

AgriQultura responds to the objectives of the European Green Deal & "FARM TO FORK strategy", related to the reduction of chemical pesticides and fertilizers by 50% by 2030 and increasing the area of organic crops

Next Generation Technologies

AgriQultura  means lower agricultural production costs due to the elimination or reduction of synthetic fertilization & pesticides

AgriQultura means the possibility of obtaining plants not contaminated with chemicals

AgriQultura means soli biodiversity recovery


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2017 Q1

The composition of biofertilizer was desinged

2018 Q2

A fertilizer formulation with specific composition and physicochemical properties was obtained

2017 Q3

Microorganisms with the best predispositions were selected

2018 Q3

A method for producing fertilizer on a laboratory scale was developed

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